Suzanne is gifted in her capacity to support children’s exploration and enjoyment in the natural world, fostering through her attuned guidance their connection with nature, animals, and people. She readily understands and is responsive to children’s needs and interests, and she is skilled in the creation of a safe container within which they can discover how to express themselves in ways which are life affirming for them and work well within relationship. I highly recommend her.

Lauren Casalino, MA, LPC
Associate Professor, Naropa University
MA Contemplative Psychotherapy
Last summer our 7 year old son announced he wanted to do a horseback riding camp. I spent a long time researching what is offered in the Boulder/Longmont area. I eventually discovered Suzanne and Max’s program and we could not have been happier. The camp was the perfect combination of focused skill learning and free time outside in nature. Suzanne is an incredibly skilled leader, knowing just the right balance of when to step in and when to push a child to challenge themselves. She remains very present and dedicated throughout the camp day, like an owl with eyes in the back of her head, always aware of where each child is and where she is needed. Furthermore, the teenage junior counselors are a wonderful part of the program in that they are true horse-lovers who model and embody that in a way that the younger children can admire and learn from. The junior counselors take great pride in working with the younger children and this is so beautiful to watch. It empowers the children and you can see it in their faces. The first week of camp our son came back beaming with pride that he had ridden his horse bareback and blindfolded! It was so inspiring to see him lose all fear of horses and learn how to interact with horses in a confident and loving way.

Lina Sharfe, parent
I have had the pleasure of working side by side with Suzanne on many occasions. She is creative, intuitive, spontaneous and able to show up fully in the moment for whatever is happening even if it is intense or difficult. Suzanne is kind and tender, but she is not afraid. She is able to bring the power and beauty of the horse into the work in a way that is fresh and new every time.

Rob Meltzer, MA, CEP, Northlight Family Services