Suzanne Forrester, M.A., M.A.

 Suzanne holds a Master’s degree in English and Women’s Studies from Ohio University and a Master’s degree in Counseling Psychology and Wilderness Therapy from Naropa University. She has 20 years experience serving adolescents, young adults and families as a therapist, teacher, professor, therapeutic program director and wilderness therapist and guide. She has trained therapists in facilitating equine-assisted psychotherapy at various sites around the country. She has taught graduate students in equine-assisted psychotherapy at Prescott College, and is currently on the faculty in the Wilderness Therapy Department at Naropa University. She has been the associate director and program director for residential programs for adolescents and young adults in Arizona, California and Colorado.

Suzanne is currently training with Stan Tatkin of UCLA, whose psycho-biological approach to couples therapy (PACT) utilizes research in attachment theory and neuroscience and translates it into simple terms to benefit couples and families. She also brings 20 years of study in yoga and meditation to her clients, and is a level-two certified EMDR practitioner. 

Kim Zamudio, Trainer Consultant

Kim is the resident horse and burro trainer at the Great Escape Mustang Sanctuary. She has years of experience as a professional horsewoman, and chooses to work with mustangs because their sensitivity and intuition makes them perfect partners for helping humans learn to listen to themselves and others. She holds training and certifications as an Equine Specialist in Mental Health Learning and a PATH certified riding instructor. She is recognized as an esteemed TIP trainer for the Mustang Heritage Foundation and the HSUS Platero Project. Kim co-facilitates all of The Horse+Human Project programming at the Great Escape Mustang Sanctuary, where she makes her home.